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As a teacher of the voice Brittany Putman's most important qualification is her passion as a student of the voice. I experienced that first hand as her primary teacher years ago and I continue to experience this characteristic as she updates me of her current thinking on the voice. Vocal science is an ever expanding body of knowledge and Brittany is constantly seeking to discover "what's new". Vocal study, though, has always been and will continue to be a mix of science and intuition. Brittany is a creative soul and seeks strategies which fit the unique needs of the personalities she teaches, for every scientific understanding must be tailored to the "language and learning style" of the student. Brittany has this additional qualification which adds to her potency as a teacher of voice.

Benjamin Allen - Lecturer in Voice, Carleton College

Brittany is not only greatly skilled at voice, but at teaching voice-- she has a personalized teaching approach for each of her students, to best meet their individual goals and learning style. It's been a joy to discover voice with her.

Andrew Janssen, student

Brittany is a lovely, nonjudgmental teacher. She is patient and fun, and she tailors her lessons to help you meet your goals while laying a great foundation for long term vocal health as well.

Nervousness has been one of the first things to go because of Brittany's warm, nurturing style. I highly recommend her to anyone who wants to strengthen his or her voice. The benefits of voice lessons flow into many other areas of life.

Arlene Brown, student

Brittany Putman :: :: 217-378-4913