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Brittany is an accomplished vocalist who does a great job teaching those vocal techniques to others. She communicates effectively, and can work with people from many different backgrounds. As a fellow choir section leader, I appreciate her ability to challenge her vocalists and encourage them to give a solid performance, every time.

Kristy Stoker, fellow choir section leader

As an undergraduate student at Bethel College in Saint Paul, MN, Brittany taught my daughter voice for two years. My daughter was 13 years old at the time and knew very little about singing but wanted to learn. Brittany began working on the basics with a young voice: breath support, dynamics, tone, and warm-up exercises. She picked fun songs that were age appropriate yet challenging. Our daughter always looked forward to her voice lessons. Brittany was also a good mentor and example of a mature, young lady my daughter could look up to. They had a special relationship which encouraged my daughter to continue her pursuit of music.

Kelly Brown, student's mother

Learning from Brittany is a true joy. She has a special ability to make the music and musician come alive while bringing the students natural abilities to the fore. She is a gifted and capable teacher. When I was her student, voice lessons were one of the highlights of my week. I highly recommend her.

Julie Fultz, student

I played drums in a local band and was looking to become a more diverse musician. My singing was never that strong and I would always tense up in performance. Brittany immediately began working with me to help loosen up not only my vocal chords but my state of mind! In one month, with some creative drilling, I was able to sing with much more confidence and clarity. Brittany is an excellent teacher who helped me achieve my goals while having an enjoyable experience!

Kurt Studer, student

Brittany had an incredible way of bringing out the best in both my husband and my voices. We took classes together and it was extra challenging since I was 5 months pregnant at the time. She accomodated my decreasing diaphram and was able to adjust to our special needs. I appreciated how she was always prepared and communicated with us via e-mail to provide more details. We were able to improve our breathing techniques and overall was able to feel more confident in our vocal abilities. I highly recommend Brittany as a vocal coach and know that she will bring great value to whoever she is teaching.

Boni Bengtson, student

Brittany Putman :: :: 217-378-4913